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So, you want to write –





News reports!

Song lyrics!

But where to start?

Answer –


It’s Your Story is a new, exciting way to write

Six brilliant packs are in preparation

Each pack has seven pictures and ideas on how to use them

  • To spark your powers of invention
  • To puzzle and intrigue you
  • To mix and match, creating endless ideas for tales of

is it different?

It’s Your Story shows you that the world around you

  • Is an exciting and intriguing place
  • Isn’t always what it seems to be
  • Can be looked at in lots of different ways

will it help?

Each It’s Your Story pack gives you

  • Questions to ask the pictures – only you know the answers
  • Answers that are yours and yours alone
  • No right or wrongyour story is what you make it

is it for?

It’s for you!

is it?

Right here!

it is?

Coming very soon

Watch this space!


It’s Your Story


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